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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pregnant womens stealing the single woments men!

A much needed few months off- and away from- the sleaze..uh, men.. on CL. But I have returned now from my wonderful slumber, rudely awakened by the sick readership of this blog.

This is a new one. Does he want to have a sexual relationship with the pregnant woman, nurse on her breasts? eat her baby? What?

any pregnant women alone and seeking - 28 (silver spring)

I am looking for a pregnant woman to be part of her life, go through all the events leading up to birth, more of the chemistry is right,
single white male, good looking, stable and fit.
your pic and a few words about you would be helpful.


So it has come to this. A man thinking that the first step to flirting is asking a woman what color her panties are. I wonder what he is doing Wednesday evening that a real 'date' can't happen. He's 24 and already on the path of being a douche bag. And, did he take these panties out of his sister's dresser drawer?

Office flirt - 24 (Downtown DC)

Looking for a little flirting at work today - really makes the day go faster! If we click, maybe a 'real' date later tonight or Thursday after work!

So I'll start...

What color are your panties?


Yes, that is what a subject line is for anyway, to grab attention, good job. Yes, gays would respond to you because you are gay. What is that hanging on the shower rod? Your man lovers under pants? But thanks for being clear that you are only into a hook up and the older womens of CL will be thrilled that you are ok with them.


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Date: 2008-08-18, 4:52PM EDT

Please no gays respond. I tried this earlier and they all came out of the woodwork. What is it with you all? Aren't there gay personals?

BTW, the title was just to grab attention.


I am looking for a casual fling with a women. If things click after hooking up (that is what I am mostly looking for right now) then who knows what will happen. I have a thing for older women in their late 30's to 40's. Although, I normally date women my age or within a couple years.

I guess I like all the normal things..Football (go skins), skiing, snowboarding, movies..I'll tell you more if you ask.
Here is a pic. If it sparks your interest then please respond and we will talk more.


like OMG, mens, you are ugly. I like my mens hot, yo. I don't wanna touch yer bawdy. For real? Come on, does this really attract the babes of CL? Womens, we need more than this.

like OMG, Becky, look at her butt. I LIKE BIG.... - 22 (ya mama don't wear no drawers)

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Finish this phrase for me. Oh, do you like my bawdy? Do you want to touch it like a nawghty little school girl from Cambridge?


I've spotted a new trend on CL, aside from the mens call the babes out there "womens" or "woment" and her needing to own a car, mens are now leading up to a date with a predate flirt via AIM. He is a cute little dude, though.

AIM Chat & Quick Date :) - 26 (Alexandria)

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Date: 2008-08-16, 5:59PM EDT

stuck in my office right now (yeah I came to work on a beautiful Saturday afternoon) and feeling ... a little uneasy and unsettled and just wanting to have some company in my office or for after work.. so if anyone's interested in meeting up or got an idea of whatever hit me up on AIM. My AIM is smallcooldude123

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