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Monday, December 1, 2008

Strap on and Rock Out!

Dear Dedicated Readers of the award winning Men Who Make Us Gag: will you forgive me for not blogging since August? I have been busy with life and my own dealings with the douche bag mens of the community. I shudder to think of all the men on CL that have gotten away with heir loser ass ways without my hyper focus on them. Thankfully, they are stupid and keep posting. Enjoy!

I'll never look at my TV remote the same again. His need to clarify that this strap-on is his real one was unnecessary as well as letting the Babes of CL know that his ass can handle 10 inches inside it.

Strap-on Action Im a real man who can take a big 10"

I got a new 10" strap-on and am looking fro a female (married or single) all races welcomed. I can host or travel. I have a private condo and am very discreet. Daytime, night time or weekends.

Pic is my real strap-on.


The first "sentence" has left me wondering what this hottie is saying. Someone has been burned, me thinks, by a womens who was a mens at some point. But let's see... like water? to drink it? float in it? So a CL Babe can be obese, but not morbidly? Aren't many morbidly obese womens kinda not in the mood to date, especially date this tool? Photo #3... pretty sure his buddies hand is in his mouth. Nice. Klassy.

Looking for fun outgoing girl who likes to Rock Out

Do you like to rock out with you _______ out? (Females only, and females who have been females their whole lives!) Do you like beer pong and jager, but have an education or are in the process of getting one? Do you have a job and goals? If you do, we will get along famously! However mainly what im looking for is a girl who isnt crazy, loves to laugh, likes music, sports (Hockey or racing a plus) not morbidly obese, likes to travel, likes water, and all that good stuff!!! If you want to know about me, hit me up ask away!

I think he is posting dirty computer messages at his grandma's house. And he summed up his personal ad with his first six words.

i just wanna meet someone worth

im not really good at words how to express my self im kinda shy at first whn mmetin new people
but onse u get to know me im really funny in sum points i have ma own band i play the gitar n also write songs tht kinda me thing tht i have on me im really honest and loyal person
n u can alwyz laid ur head in my shoulder when u have a bad day n ill make sure tht ull leave with an smile ..n when it comes to honestly im here i dont lie or jst tell other stff other thn the true ,most girls says im really swwet n i dont know if they r right i enjoy writin poems drawin im the kinda of guy u can alwyz go for advises or help cus im gona b there for u no mattr wats..uh n im also romantic .bein romantic is sumtin tht i descrive my slef ..

well jst wanna say thank for comin by my profile i really hope to hear from u n i would like to share one of my poems
these words tht come from my heart n my mind they r true i nvr hurt a gilr or cheated cus i know how it feels.. begin hurt i been trough alot of depression im really nice person n sensitive :(
ass i said u can always count on me even ass a friend ...if u need anything im here ill listen n advise u :)really hope to hear from u
well jst hit me up my msn
or my aim '
sn is
or to my yahoo

This mens served in Iraq, and for a serious moment... thank you and glad you made it back. Now to your personal ad, Jarob. You writing about yourself the way that you are makes you sound like an idiot and I would highly suggest leaving off the photo of you in the hospital till you get to know your womens better. You are letting it all hang out here..what's the rush? You are only 26 years old, you do have time, you survived Iraq, right?

------------>COLD WET BORED AND BACK FROM IRAQ SORE =) <--------------

Hi there, My name is Jarob I live in this High Crime Buttoned-up Blue
Collar Beltway Vibe City, Dealing With The Sweltering Summers, A Coked
Out Ex Mayor, Taxation Without Representation And I Can't Leave Out
The Eight Years Of A Dumbass Administration. Anyway I call D.C. my
home just like yall. I'm from Illinois, But while I was in Iraq I got
shot up and the Military brought me here to heal up and Walter Reed. I
really just love the area so Ive decided to stay. I grew up in the
country but Love the city, so I reckon I'm kind of a Yuppy Redneck if
that makes sense. I've been in the Army for about 8 Years, they are
workin on Med Retiring me, which sucks but it's time. I was in a long
term relationship but that fell apart back in January, so Ive been
single since then, finally deciding it sucks =-) I've posted on here
once before but mainly only made a couple friends. I'm not really
lookin for more friends =-) I have a myspace loaded with photo's so if
your interested send me your link I'll most likely add you. I'm lookin
for someone that is active, but can still lay around some days. I'm
extremely active, Like ADD active ha ha. I'll spend hours just walkin
around the monuments and city. Ummm I love dogs so If you have a Pup
your a Sho-in =-)I'm sure as shit not a player or anything Jacked up
like that. I'm def a one women type of guy =-) I'm also looking for
someone close to my age 26, I know I'm gettin old but I'm dealin with
it =-)
If your enterested email me and we'll figure something out.

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