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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hairy Scary Atlanta Thursday!

Today's blog is pulling from the CL studs-n-scumbags of the Atlanta area. Dedicated to the lovely Jaime who can string together the most eloquent of profanity and sent this link to me today:

----------------------------------cut here if interested------------------------------------------
This stud of all studs in Atlanta picked at my heart strings and beer drinking ways.I did have a hard time imagining a little cuddle time with him.

Get ya motor running!
Whats up? Well I figure, what the hell, might as well give it a whirl. I am 54, divorced,love the out of doors, hopeless romantic, guitar pickin,beer drinkin, cigarette smokin,dry witted, cuddling kinda guy! IF YOU LIKE THOSE CHARACTERISTICS, GIMME A SHOUT! But if you are 5' 250lbs or have 13 younguns, keep looking, prefer single women with no kids, mine are grown and I am not raising yours!

----------------------------------cut here if interested------------------------------------------
Dear The Shit:

1. When you call your penis your "member" it makes me a little nervous.
2. Sure, not interested in a jack off buddy... What?
3. And let you jack off to my pic? you have funny rules.

Looking for someone worth a shit

1) I'm not going to send you a pic of my member

2) I don't want a jack off buddy

3) Please respond with a pic

Hi, I'm 28,single and looking for a mature girl. I'm looking for someone that I can hold a conversation with. Needs to be fun, athletic, laid back and have etiquette. I enjoy just about anything except being in the company of douche bags. I'm professional and very domesticated for a guy. I can be romantic and I'm always down for something spontaneous. One of the biggest things for me is honesty and being
authentic. Everyone has problems, issues and can be difficult. You have to come to terms with that and be willing to own up, except someone for who they are and compromise. If this sounds good, you know the drill. Pic please and I know mines vain. Oh yeah, I probably don't suck as bad as your last boyfriend.

----------------------------------cut here if interested------------------------------------------
I've had a headache all day and am disappointed to not have anything better to come up with other than, what the fuck?


If you are a woman with a breathtaking amount of body hair and proud of it (or at least not ashamed), you can be living a life of luxury beyond your wildest dreams. Serious replies only please.

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keshmeshi said...

That baby is dead, isn't it?

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