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Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's are for Corn Holers

That rat is back. Blaring out it's microphone, disturbing my thoughts, making the CL posts even that more irrating and wow have they been boring. Apparently all the real douche bag mens found some CL babes to dry hump. And if you are interested in some corn holer games...

You can't control the nipple twisting babes of CL, so you shut the hell up.

Nipple shockers
If you read enough of these ads (god knows I have) you may come to realize that most people fit into the vanilla flavor of lifestyle. Oh but I'm unique,and cultured, I'm a worldly traveler.... Shut the hell up, your not special. Honestly, I'm not that special either, I breathe the same air as everybody else. But I live my life with more fun and enthusiasim than most. A risk taker, but more than just that, someone who appreciates the beauty of a moment. I don't need a girl to feel fulfilled in my life, but I would like to share the experience with someone. So to recap I'm not looking for the ho-hum "I like going out but also like to cuddle up on the couch with a good movie next to someone special" loser, That been said, I'm also not looking for the polar opposite pshyco that wants to electrify my nipples during sex. Maybe something in between. lol. In exchange for good conversation and a sunny disposition I'll offer dancing, drinks, and a few adventures, funny stories that make you laugh til your ribs hurt, and good cooking. Have pix, but not for your collection.

Me and My Amazing Ass reposted.... I refuse to relist his rant about how sexy his corn holer is...if your curious, see Tuesday's post. However, I am posting the newst pic of said asshole.


The creative writing is genius. What makes us woment stop with our pie preparing for your big suagage fest is the photo. "Drunk Drive" "Beware of the Dog".

want to eat
tasty big sausage looking for some pie to eat.


Wow. Wow. My mind had been blown!! Blown!! A Sybian!
It's a Rainy Friday night. Try out my Sybian
It's a rainy Friday and I'm staying home for a change. I have a new Sybian that you can come here to use or I'll come to you, or even still, meet somewhere neutral that you feel comfortable with. This new sybian comes with removable attachements, still factory sealed. I get to watch. Me: 6'8" tall, good shape, white male attractive and sane.

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