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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday is for the horny mens.

Dear Readers:
Two months since I last posted the sexy and daring mens rants and search for the babes of CL. Enjoy.

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I was especially pleased to see this posting... after reading a few too many dull ones today, I came across this green goblin whose dick surely trembles with delight at the sight of a smurf.

Irish Leprechaun Lookin' For Love In All The Wrong Places

c'mon... on craigslist? yeah that's what i mean by "wrong places" but a friend of mine suggested this place (yeah that's what they all say blah blah blah) so i figured, FUCK IT... i don't know what i'm looking for as far as women are concerned... i'm not really looking for anything... except truth... i'd like to experience things that raise my consciousness level... hard to attract girls with honesty, trust, respect and integrity in this media. MAYBE there's ONE girl. maybe one. out there somewhere. because, basically, i like the feeling of connecting with someone, and i like when my balls tingle and my dick gets hard. it energizes me. ?

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Ah, thank you Jesus... there are still mens out there with not just brains, but are asses, I mean have a great ass.

Me and My Amazing Ass
It's helped me meet women, it's an icebreaker at parties and too often I catch women I'm talking to looking at it when they should be looking in my eyes. I mean there are other parts of me- my strong arms, shoulder, great smile, beautiful eyes and not least, my brain. I mean can't a guy that's smart, funny, sweet and educated be more than just an incredible ass? It's ok if you want to look, I'll probably even show you but you're not dating my ass, you're dating me. The ass is only part of the package.Female versions of me (women with amazing asses) are encouraged to reply. Just be forewarned that mine will probably put yours to shame. I'm sure you're more than your ass though.

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This caption says it all ... and I think he really means it. My sweet innocent mind is wondering if that is a wedding band... and are those Tommy underpants... sweet...that's fine, as long as he has some sexy underwear on, who cares about the wedding band, especially when he signs off with some kisses, what a sweetie.

super horny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey girls been honest i am looking for fun dont get it wrong i just have human needs...... and looking for the miss rigth as well but just time will decide it iam single living in ashburn if u live near by and want to have fun let me know iam off tuesday and wedenesday.. hope to hear from u ...xx

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Girls or women are wanted.... not interested in... but wanted. I am curious about the girl part. Is it age 12 or older? Does he think that once a girl gets her period that makes her a womens? If you can only operate a microwave, do not cut out this ad.

Wanted nice girl or woman for fun loving man who is willing to commit to a long term relationship. Must be open to possibility of having a child if decided upon between us or if it just happens by accident. Must love to camp out and have good times together on spur of the moment decisions. also must love family functions cause i have a large family and we have lots of comedians amongst us and pranksters. Goofiness is a must but also have the serious side also. No cheaters please and only women with morales and good cooking skills need reply.

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